SanYing's Printing Techniques Guarantee Show Stopping Packs

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Branding is key. Even the best products in the market fail to leave their mark when decoration doesn't live up to expectations. We are visual creatures, after all, and will always lean toward products that catch our attention. That's precisely why SanYing Packaging has invested time and resources to develop sophisticated decorating techniques that ensure any brand can fully materialize its ideas on the company's solutions.

These laminated tubes for facial cleansers are a perfect example of SanYing's decorating skills. Coated in aluminum for a shiny metalized effect, the tubes had to tap into the superhero world of Marvel Comics and deliver a showstopping tube that any fan of the material would gravitate to. 

The process is quite simple: Laminate tubes begin as flat web stock. Designs are then printed on —following every brand's exact specifications— using the finest quality letterpress or rotogravure equipment. Next, the printed web is shaped into a tube, cut to the desired length to become a “sleeve”, and is then fused to a molded shoulder. At this point, it is possible to add a tamper-evident sealed neck membrane for product protection. Finally, the tube is capped, inspected, and packed. This is a totally integrated system, with the entire package being assembled in line.

SanYings Printing Techniques Guarantee Show Stopping Packs

Printing Methods Available:

Offset Printing:

SanYing's main printing method is dry offset, a process that enables the printing of up to 8 colors with gloss, and has both semi-matt and matt finishing options. The company has its own ink preparation technique, which gives it the possibility to meet any color required by the customer. As for graphic design, SanYing works with external partners to develop designs in line with customer needs.

Silkscreen Printing:

SanYing has all the required contemporary art facilities for screen printing since it has become the most popular choice among brands, particularly when compared to other techniques such as dye sublimation or inkjet printing. Because of their low cost and ability to print on many types of surfaces, screen printing, silk screening, and serigraphy are a safe bet for branding. These printing techniques create a sharp-edged image using a stencil that provides eye-catching labels that stand out on any shelf.

Hot Stamping

The hot foil stamping process is a thermal bonding technique that results in the permanent adhesion of stamping foil to the target surface. SanYing has modern facilities for this highly ornamental and sophisticated process, whereby a metallic foil is applied to the printing substrate through a heated die (also referred to as 'foil stamping' or 'foil blocking'). Hot foil stamping is widely used for creating decorated sheets, which are then applied to plastic, wood, leather, or paper. The process is available in a wide range of unique dimensions, colors, and patterns.

Want to learn more? Contact SanYing now and let us help you find the best decoration technique for your brand to deliver unique and gorgeous solutions that truly encompass your identity.

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