The DEAV 300ml: Compatible with 13 different closure systems

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Do you already know the universality of our Standard-System? The DEAV 300 ml bottle from our DELTA series, offers you the option of using up to 13 different closure systems.

The stylish and versatile bottle has been designed for a comfortable user experience with its ergonomic curved shape.

You have the possibility to offer different products from one series in the same bottle shape, but with different closure options including flip tops, pumps, drop dosing and spray adapters.

The series provides a unique selling point for brands, as they are able to create matching family ranges, giving a strong visual advantage on the market shelf.

What’s more, The DEAV 300ml is also available in recycled HPDE and PP material, making it a sustainable packaging solution for brands.

The DEAV 300ml: Compatible with 13 different closure systems

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