MWV unveils new airless dispensing solutions for cosmetics

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The availability of new sizes and customization features for each new product offers greater possibilities in innovation, design and branding differentiation for cosmetics and personal care customers.

Additional sizes, versions and customization options expand Aria®, Prelude™ and Pearl™ product lines. At Cosmoprof 2009 in Bologna, MeadWestvaco (NYSE: MWV) unveiled the newest members of its renowned Calmar dispensing solutions portfolio: Aria® airless, Prelude™ airless and Pearl™ mini airless.

Aria® airless and Prelude™ airless dispensing solutions both feature a 32mm container with piston available in sizes 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 40ml, 50ml and 75ml. The new airless solutions can be designed to distinguish and elevate the brand through techniques such as colored metal overshell, metallization and lacquering on the pump and bottle, silk-screening and hot stamping.

Aria® airless and Prelude™ airless are based on the Aria X-fitment engine and both feature a snap-on closure, providing unlimited customization possibilities and maximum protection for the most sensitive formulas. Each product includes the Pure Path™ technology, a metal-free fluid path system which eliminates the risk of corrosion and discoloration because no metal comes in contact with the formula. These solutions are produced at the company’s European facilities and are now available throughout Europe.

MWV also introduced the Pearl™ mini airless, a 32mm closure version of the original Pearl™ airless. Pearl™ mini airless is now available in two new bottle sizes, 15ml and 50ml, in addition to the existing 30ml, reinforcing its strong market position and increasing its flexibility for new applications. The new smaller option is ideal for highly concentrated formulas, typically used on the eyes and lips, while the larger size is suitable for hand and body creams, hair serums and gels. Pearl™ mini airless also offers a wide array of customization possibilities, such are silk screening, hot stamping, lacquering and metallization. It features a metal-free dispensing system based on Rolling Bellow Technology™, the revolutionary 100 percent silicone, single-component engine. The Pearl™ mini airless is produced in Europe and available worldwide. These new cosmetic dispensing solutions had been on display at Cosmoprof Bologna, 2009.

About MWV
MeadWestvaco Corporation (NYSE: MWV), provides packaging solutions to many of the world’s most admired brands in the healthcare, personal & beauty care, food, beverage, media & entertainment and home & garden industries. The company's businesses also includes Consumer & Office Products, Specialty Chemicals, and the Community Development and Land Management Group, which sustainably manages the company’s land holdings to support its operations, and to provide for conservation, recreation and development opportunities. With 22,000 employees worldwide, MWV operates in 30 countries and serves customers in more than 100 nations. MWV manages all of its forestlands in accordance with internationally recognized forest certification standards, and has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the fifth consecutive year. For more information, please visit

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