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Two Silgan Dispensing manufacturing sites receive ISCC PLUS certification

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  • Certification Enables Mass Balance Approach at Thomaston and Watertown, Connecticut Locations

Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the home, health and beauty markets, today announces that two of its plants in Connecticut, Thomaston and Watertown, have attained ISCC* PLUS Certification.

ISCC PLUS is the industry’s leading certification for the Mass Balance protocol, which enables tracking of recycled or bio-based material in the production of resin. Resin produced using circular materials as part of a Mass Balance process is identical to that made with fossil fuel-based virgin resin.

“Sustainability isn’t just a trend, it’s a real business opportunity to drive improvement and value, both for Silgan Dispensing and our partners,” said John Ferro, vice president of marketing and innovation at Silgan Dispensing. “Renewable resin produced through a certified mass balance approach is another pillar of our overall sustainability strategy and helps improve the circularity of the materials used in our products.”

Silgan Dispensing already offers the industry’s widest array of post-consumer recycled (PCR) dispensing solutions. With this certification, the company now is able to offer its customers another sustainable option for beauty, fragrance and personal-care dispensers made with ISCC certified materials. Included in this line are jars, lotion and fragrance pumps and foamers.

“This is an exciting evolution of our product line,” said Renato Lenzi, director of innovation and new product development at Silgan Dispensing. “Our Thomaston location already offers seven product families that are made with mechanical PCR in multiple colors, and now they also can be made using ISCC certified materials.”

Ferro added, “We’re excited about the opportunity this presents for us and our customers. The traceability of renewable materials throughout our manufacturing process will contribute in helping customers meet their sustainability goals in a way that is not only measurable, but also transparent to end consumers. Not to mention, the performance of the material means that brands can expect the same quality, safety, and aesthetics for their products without compromise.”

*International Sustainability and Carbon Certification

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