Mark VII Max fine mist sprayer - Also in PCR

The Mark VII Max is an effortless spray experience for any formulation.

Combining outstanding atomization with smooth actuation, Mark VII Max gives your customers what they want — style and consistency. It is compatible with high-viscosity and difficult formulations, making it ideal for spraying oils.

Its outstanding performance means it is suitable for a wide range of personal care applications. With one touch, customers can enjoy precise performance and an elevated spray experience.

Features & Description:

  • Primes high-viscosity products
  • Outstanding atomization and priming capabilities
  • Contemporary aesthetics
  • Inverted spraying option available
  • Wide range of spray pattern options

Now Available in PCR

The ergonomic Mark VII Max in PCR features various dispensing components partially comprised of post-consumer recycled materials. 

PCR Product Specifications: 

PCR Product Specifications:

  • Total PCR Weight: 31%
  • Material: Raw PCR
  • Manufacturing Region: Europe
  • PCR Components: Hood, Closure

Interested in this high-performing dispenser? Contact Silgan today to learn more. 

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