Silgan Dispensing Expands Its Lawn and Garden Portfolio with the SoloDex™ Hose End Sprayer

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Silgan Dispensing Expands Its Lawn and Garden Portfolio with the SoloDex™ Hose End Sprayer

The innovative hose end sprayer offers an improved consumer experience and optimized ergonomics.

Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design and manufacture of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the beauty, fragrance, personal care, home, and healthcare markets, is debuting its latest innovation for the lawn and garden market, the SoloDex™ Hose End Sprayer.

The newest addition to Silgan Dispensing’s hose-end sprayer portfolio boasts an intuitive and simple one-handed-use design. Developed from the latest consumer trends, the SoloDex™ Hose End Sprayer delivers exceptional performance with optimized ergonomics.

“Lawn and garden work can be physically taxing on a person’s body, operating a hose-end sprayer shouldn’t add to their strain,” said Stephanie Hawkins, director, personal care and home and garden marketing at Silgan Dispensing. “SoloDex redefines ease of use and innovation in this product category. Like all our solutions, its development is a testament to our team’s ingenuity, research and expertise.”

SoloDex’s one-handed operation provides consumers with a versatile and ergonomic sprayer for their lawn and garden needs. It includes a wide grip area and finger indentations to ensure a comfortable and confident hold, and ensures that hands stay safely out of contact with the product formulation. Additionally, SoloDex is built with Air Gap Technology, delivering a consistent fan-spray pattern for maximum performance from start to finish.

To learn more about the SoloDex™ Hose End Sprayer, contact Silgan Dispensing. 

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