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Somewang presents its incredibly sustainable family of solutions for beauty and personal care brands: the All-plastic Airless Pump Bottle and Tube. Perfect for a wide range of products such as eye creams, essential oils, and foundations, these high-end, hygienic, and eco-friendly lines are ready to elevate the circular game of beauty brands and consumer experience alike.

Of course, maintaining the purity and effectiveness of beauty products is a top priority for both brands and consumers. The airless pump system in Somewang's packs ensures that the contents are protected from external contaminants, such as air and bacteria. The vacuum pump mechanism prevents the product from coming into contact with the atmosphere, reducing the risk of contamination and product degradation. This feature not only enhances the shelf life of beauty products but also maintains their efficacy, delivering a fresh and potent experience for the user.

Complying with new legislation and pushing for environmental consciousness, both the pump and tube are made entirely of plastic, which is not only lightweight but also recyclable. By choosing this eco-friendly option, beauty brands can reduce their carbon footprint and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

All-Plastic Airless Pumps & Tubes

Free Design Services

Somewang is more than a packaging supplier, it's a partner for your brand's success. The company offers free design services that allow beauty brands to customize the packaging according to their specific needs and branding requirements. Whether you have a unique design concept in mind or need assistance in creating a package that stands out on the shelf, Somewang's expert designers are at your service. This added value makes it easier for brands to create a memorable and distinct product that resonates with their target audience.

Let your ideas blossom, contact Somewang now and get your project started.

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