Somewang Presents the Shoulder Bottle

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Introducing Somewang's latest innovation – A unique design, subtle yet impactful, that improves the overall texture of pump bottles for personal care products and formulations.

The unique shoulder system that separates the pump from the bottle improves the tactile experience and offers an opportunity for creativity. Brands can explore various printed designs on the shoulders, adding an extra layer of visual appeal to the packaging. Aesthetics play a crucial role in making a product stand out, and the Shoulder Bottle provides a canvas for making your packaging more attractive without going overboard.

Somewang Presents the Shoulder Bottle

At Somewang Packaging, we believe in collaboration and welcome your ideas. If you have any concepts or visions in mind, don't hesitate to share them with us. We're here to turn your ideas into reality and make the packaging process easy for you. Let's create something unique together!

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