Too Good, ButTrue! Meet Somewang's Flip Top Jar II

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Meet Somewang's Flip Top Jar II, the company's new addition to the revolutionary solution that brings the easy dispensing techniques of bottles to jars. Just like the first version of the Flip Top Jar, the solution comes in a wide variety of shapes and capacities to better match diverse product needs. All jars are suitable for gels, creams, and powders, and share the easy-to-open mechanism, meaning the jar can adapt to any type of customer at ease. A sifter can even be added to powdered products to make the dispensing completely mess-free.

As usual, Somewang is happy to make any packaging your own. The company offers complete customization options, including full-color freedom for brands seeking their packaging to perfectly match their corporate identity. Please feel free to contact the team and get your project started.

Too Good, And True! Meet Somewangs Flip Top Jar II

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