Spripac presents HP-2: The perfect sprayer for different chemical concentrates

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Spripac's HP-2 is an example of innovation at its finest. With its easy, single-valve operation, the economical HP-2 is the ideal sprayer for dispensing a wide variety of chemical concentrates, benefiting from child-resistant tab-locked valve controls, product sealing and convenient operation.

Offering added value for on-shelf brands and products, the HP-2 is the perfect sprayer for many different chemical concentrates, including lawn and garden chemical products and cleaning solutions, as well as automotive and marine care products.

HP-2 benefits

  • Unique child-resistant lock tab feature
  • Angled dip tube for maximum product use
  • Wide range of mix ratios
  • Flat fan spray
  • Los Angeles county certified anti-siphon system

Spripac's HP-2 offers many advantages. It features a child-resistant tab-locked valve that controls the fan spray chemical and water mixture, and it also seals the product within the container for shipment and storage, as well ensuring safety. The hooded design provides consumer protection while the swivel hose and bottle connectors ensure that the sprayer is convenient to operate and easy to use.

The HP-2 hose end sprayer is ideally suited for a wide range of product applications. It outperforms trigger sprayers, aerosols and other types of hose-end sprayers, and provides significant advantages for consumers across a range of markets.

Lawn & garden
• Fertilizers  • Pest control  • Insecticides

• Auto washes  • Auto waxes and polishes  • Engine degreaser

• Equipment cleaners  • Rust and grease removers  • Coatings  • Disinfectants

• Boat cleaners  • Boat waxes and polishes

• Patio, deck and pool cleaners  • Fabric cleaners and coatings  • Patio furniture cleaners

HP-2 specifications

  • Closure: 28-415mm ratchet
  • Output: 2.5 gpm @ 45 psi (9.5 L/min @ 3.4 bar)
  • Colours: custom colours are available upon request.
  • No. per carton: 150 pcs
  • No. per sea pallet: 5250 pcs

As a popular product, the HP-2 is almost always in stock, but we recommend that you contact us for further information. For a customized solution —colour and dosage— the MOQ is 25,000 pcs.

Contact us for more details at info@spripac.com.

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