Spripac's ISO-9317 1 litre PET bottle solution for abrasive chemicals

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Following many customer requests, Spripac has incorporated a highly-demanded PET bottle into its product portfolio.

The 1 litre PET bottle is an ISO-8317 certified solution from RPC Promens and offers many great advantages to Spripac's customers.

Spripac Mixor MP + Promens 1 Liter PET = ISO-8317 certified solution

The combination of the company's premium trigger Mixor MP with RPC Promens' PET bottle provides a packaging solution that is both complementary and ISO-8317 certified (child-resistant packaging).

This highly compatible combination provides a safe solution that is suitable for abrasive chemicals as it benefits high chemical compatibility.

For further information about Spripac's ISO-9317 1 litre PET bottle solution with Mixor MP trigger, please contact info@spripac.com.

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