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Dispensing liquids that are not viscous (meaning they are not thick enough  to stay put) can be a challenge. In particular, thin oils can be troublesome, due  to the residue or drops they can leave behind. Many products fail on the market as the product's packaging annoys consumers  after a few weeks' usage.

SR Packaging, one of Taiwan's premier cosmetic packaging  designers and manufacturers, has developed and launched a 1 CC "perfect dose" pump dispenser  that virtually does away with residue on the spout tip.

The new pump dispenses exactly 1  CC of oil, ensuring perfect dosing for products that shouldn't be wasted. Also, many  products are packaged these days with simple caps to ensure leakage and dripping stay within a confined area, but the result always seems to be that the bottom interior  of the cap and its mount quickly wind up messy. SRP's new pump  possesses the incredible ability to pull back the liquid that remains in the pump nozzle so that drops do not form on the tip. The net result is that the liquid doesn't make its way back down from the nozzle onto the bottle.

Further, the company offers the pumps in combination with its line of Post Consumer  Recycled bottles, a big plus for companies seeking to reduce CO2  emission numbers. SRP obtains food grade PET from local recycling  facilites, then cleans and processes the resulting raw material  to create new and genuine PCR containers approved by the FDA. The solution is cost effective and authentically "green", giving companies the opportunity to do their part  in curbing wasteful industry habits.

Thanks to SRP's network of distributors  and suppliers, the pumps and bottles can be delivered on-time worldwide without  a hitch, and it's a product that companies  really go for because it offers the capability to differentiate a product  on the shelf, as well as offer consumers  an effective way to keep their surfaces free of rings and build up.

The high quality pumps (which are also fairly inexpensive) are built to last, all the way from first use through to last, with no dripping, leaking, or seeping.

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