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Getting lashes just right for daily wear has traditionally been a question of laboriously standing in front of a mirror and using a variety of different tools. Often, a lash curler is used first, followed by a standard applicator brush, then another brush in a different size, and finally a separating comb to make sure the lashes are well defined. Most consumers, however, lack the  time to get their lashes looking their best, and often run out the door in the morning with blotchy eyes.

That's why SR Packaging, one of Taiwan's most innovative cosmetic packaging firms, has released its line of Motion Mascara containers and applicators.

The new Motion Mascara ensemble looks like most other fair-sized mascara containers. Certainly, its elegant enough to house a top brand, and the kicker is pretty amazing. With the flick of an ergonomically gridded switch, the end of the mascara applicator oscillates back and forth. The advantage to the consumer is obvious: while the mascara is being applied manually up from the base of the lashes, the applicator itself moves from left to right and back again, ensuring that the lashes are extended while they're separated from each other. The net result: perfectly defined, long lashes that are natural looking and perfect for daily wear, leaving tarantula eyes for the night club.

Made of durable plastic, the containers can be decorated in any number of styles, including the companies full gold or silver metallization or its innovative use of skillful patterning to create stripes, waves, or rings. Featuring  a simple battery and motor set, the Motion Mascara is guaranteed to operate throughout normal us of the product, ensuring perfect lashes from purchase all the way through to being tossed in the recycle bin.

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