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SR Packaging has manufactured injection-, extrusion-, and blow-molded plastic components since 1989. Its products include bottles and jars made of PET, PETG, PE, PP, PS, PC, SAN, ABS, PMMA, glass, aluminum, and tin, which means the firm can pretty much make anything. SRP maintains five ISO-certified factories in China, which all together manufacture more than 30 million bottles and tubes each month. Recently, the company announced it would be releasing a new item for the pharma market, a new and full nasal sprayer solution.

The new nasal sprayer is more than a simple dispensing top, it's a full solution that features an easy to use top head mounted on a bottle designed for the quick and hygienic cleansing of the nose.

Since the  solution is targetted toward the health care and pharmacological markets, SRP recommends using the nasal sprayer in its 20ml containers, a perfect match to ensure consumers are able to carry around the bottle wherever they like.

The surface of the container also acts as a good location to display a logo or marketing message that can be seen every time the nasal sprayer is used, as it features ample open space for decoration.

As a firm, SRP has abundant experience and enjoys an excellent reputation on the international plastic packaging market, which is why the new nasal sprayer (designed in-house) is completely made of PE, as the material is highly resistant and can be molded according to the specific needs a company indicates.

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