New inner plugs for Kilner Jars: A perfect divider between the overcap and bulk content

  • SR Packaging

SR packaging, a professional Taiwanese manufacturer of injection, extrusion, and blow molded plastic components since 1989, is now offering a high barrier inner plug for its kilner jar series, offering an exceptional degree of extended freshness and anti-leakage properties.

The new jars are ideal for both cosmetic and food applications, consolidating a more attractive post-purchase experience.

This inner plug is made of LDPE, known for its strong corrosion resistant and food storage capabilities. Easily recyclable, the plug is a smart yet eco-friendly alternative to traditional aluminum foil sealing. This LDPE inner plug is currently available for kilner jars with 76mm diameters (which hold 150ml-250ml in overall capacity).

"This innovative use of an LDPE inner plug clearly shows how thoughtful and caring the team is with regard to the product’s user experience" said UoUo, senior designer for the firm. SR Packaging is determined to bring out the best quality products to the market.

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