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SR Packaging is a Taiwanese company that manufactures injection, extrusion, and blow-molded plastic components. The company produces premium products that always come with high-quality gears. On top of SR Packaging’s various PET bottles and jars, they also offer tremendous combo packaging solutions, specifically matching dispenser and caps.

These matching dispensers and caps are made of PP and have either smooth or ribbed actuators. The pump is also versatile, fitting lotion or oil solutions, and has an ordinary or removable head. In addition, the lotion pump has an angled actuator or jet sprayer.

18/410, precise dosage 0.15ml
20/410, precise dosage 0.18ml
24/410, precise dosage 0.18ml
*Optional overcap: in either full length/half length

Decoration of SR Packaging's dispenser and cap sets include metalizing, coloring in any color imaginable, printing, hot stamping, lacquering, and more according to customer request.

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