SRP designs a new travel kit for a major cosmetic player

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SR Packaging is extending its production capability by investing in injection stretch blow (one step) machines. These efforts have led to successes such as the company's new Travel Kit, made with strength, clarity, and a high-quality, injection molded neck finish, which was designed in part to satisfy a major player in the cosmetic space which SRP will announce in the coming weeks.

“We've seen the below advantages which were the deciding factors behind such an investment”, said Vice President, Scott Chen:

  • Scrapless process meaning no flash to trim and no regrind
  • Allows for biaxial orientation for strength and clarity
  • High quality injection molded neck finish
  • Typically suited for .5 litre up to 20 litre
  • Capable of lower volume production applications
  • Does not require separate preform mold and machine

The product code for this SRP item is ASB (1-step): SH010/ SH020/SH035, which has a number of closures to choose from, including the matching PP cap, single-walled, double-walled, with PE liner, and lotion pumps and sprayers. It is a perfect match for toners, make-up removing oils, testers, or even travelling kits.

Product details
Material: PET
PE reducer/inner plug: 3mm, 8mm
Capacities: 10ml, 20ml, and 30ml

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