SR Packaging introduces embossed logos on aluminum shells

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SR packaging is extending its decoration capabilities by now offering services for embossed logos on aluminum shell closures. This technique is perfect for sprayers, lotions, oils, and foam pumps. SR Packaging can also apply this decoration option to metalized closures, expanding SRP’s product portfolio.

By embossing a company name and logo on the surface of the aluminum shell, the packaging is truly reflective of the brand’s quality and identity.

Below are some quick facts about SRP’s aluminum shells:

  • Use grade 1070 aluminum - high resistance to corrosion, active in heat and electric conductivity.
  • SR Packaging is able to supply aluminum shells in gloss/matte finishes in any color imaginable.
The company offers on of the largest gamut of decoration options available today, including such processes as:
  • Flexo-printing: A new printing technology that allows companies to print poster-quality images directly onto the full surface of tubes and other flexible packaging items
  • Satin finishing: A ground breaking satin finish on a PE tube with a paper-like feel, creating a "paper" tube that doesn’t get wet even when splashed on
  • Labelling: ideal for multiple color decoration on flat surfaces or cylindrical packaging
  • Silk-screen printing: used primarily for decorative text or patterns on surfaces, providing a thick, bold and glossy finish
  • Hot-stamping: stamping foil onto a surface, enhances a luxurious brand image further, available in all metallic colours
  • Metallizing: mainly used on caps and bottles, this technique gives a product a shiny, faux-metal finish, with the ability to add other decoration options over the end result, making products stand out of the crowd
  • Colour spray coatings: colour ranges include glitter coatings to metallic coatings, giving the product an artistic finish
  • Soft touch spray coating: plastics now look more like glass as this technique not only strives to give the product a matt or frosted appearance with a softer feel to the touch
  • Metal sheening: allows PET bottles, jars and caps to evince the characteristics of the glowing sheen produced by vacuum metallization, but at a price that’s much lower than one would think, and readily accessible
  • Shrink-wrapping: encloses a piece of packaging in a pre-printed plastic sheet that's fitted perfectly to the surface, a great solution for decorating the full area of a product, no matter the shape

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