SR Packaging launches the Polylami Tube

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SR packaging, a professional Taiwanese manufacturer of injection, extrusion, and blow molded and other plastic components since 1989, has launched the ground breaking, stunningly finished Polylami tube.

The tube is available in a diameter of 19mm up to 50mm with a sleeve varnish of either gloss or matt. The shape can be round, oval or super oval. Comprising of aluminium/PET foil and PE, SRP's Polylami tube is equally compatible with acid or alkaline products. The impermeable and impenetrable properties of foil provide superior protection to contents, keeping them fresh and uncontaminated even through long periods of intermittent use.

Lending itself to a variety of applications and sectors, the tube can be used for cosmetic creams and balms, hair dyes, hand and foot creams, etc, pharmaceutical creams, ophthalmic ointments and more, household and industrial products such as toothpaste, adhesives, paints, and food packaging for ketchup, mustard, honey, jam, and more.

SR Packaging's chief designer UoUo comments: "The perfect container: This will become an essential part of our daily life".

Through the use of SRP's decorative options, by combing the Polylami tubes, it gives a new metallic and shiny look to existing PE tube line-ups.

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