SR Packaging introduces aluminum components featuring brushed metal decoration

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SR Packaging, one of Asia's premier packaging firms offering a variety of packaging solutions and decorating applications, has recently introduced a premium decorating capability for the beauty and cosmetic packaging sectors. Aluminum components directly benefit from the inherent property of offering light, high quality that meshes perfectly with SRP's skilful decoration to create brushed metal.

This unique surface process creates a superior, warm and metallic sheer attribution that satisfies designers’ cravings for creativity.  The advantage of brushed metal is it's a fingerprint-free brushed metal component that endures for a long time under continual usage and doesn't wear down. It is resistant to chemical exposure and oxidation and can be made in any customizable colour such as festive red, fiery gold, jazzy blue, carbon black, steely silver, or even in matte shades.

The brushed-metal technique comes in several different styles of either a straight pattern, criss-crossed marking, wavering, swirling, whirling prints, or even jumble-scrambling. On top of the attractive brushed-metal finish, SR Packaging offers multiple printing decorations for branding, including silk screen printing, hot stamping and labeling.

This upscaling packaging decoration can now be seen on many products including cosmetic jars and bottles, cosmetic tubes, lipsticks, mascaras, and more!

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