SR Packaging now offers striped printing on metallized components

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Metallizing a piece of packaging is a process that not only adds a premium air to a product, it also offers added protection and keeps a product safe from chemical corrosion and oxidation. Metallized components offer a massive improvement to the aesthetic appeal of a piece of packaging, with better scratch resistance compared to non-metallized items.

Aesthetically, stripe printing is one of the many basic, if not classic, patterns that will always be fashionable. Technically speaking, stripe printing is very difficult to achieve with silk screen printing. To prove SR Packaging’s technical superiority, the design team put stripes on top of metallized components, while bearing in mind that the end result would need to be delivered within budget and as part of a prompt delivery plan.

Headquartered in Taiwan with a strong network throughout Asia, SR Packaging supplies beauty and cosmetic companies globally. Its recent efforts have focussed on providing superlative packaging decoration solutions. Recently, the company decided to take on an interesting challenge, namely how to have exact and perfectly printed stripes placed directly on metallized components, with no compromise in decoration quality.  After numerous printing trials and the development of new techniques, the SR has announced full success, with perfect stripes on metallized components a reality, showing how excellent results in decorating using screen printing techniques can be achieved.

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SRPs squeezable, special metallic coating: A new phase of packaging surface technology for rigid containers.

SRP's squeezable, special metallic coating: A new phase of packaging surface technology for rigid containers.

SR Packaging has developed a brand new packaging surface decoration technology for rigid containers comprised of less plastic or a thinner plastic layer - the "squeezable metallic special coating". Different to the metallic flat finish brought by the vacuum metallizing process, the squeezable metallic special coating provides a vivid light reflection on metallic coated objects. Its flexibility on coated objects extends the metallic glow across a complete aspect of visual angles.

A fine mist trigger sprayer, now available from SR Packaging

A fine mist trigger sprayer, now available from SR Packaging

The trigger sprayer is a symbolic household cleaning packaging accessory and is currently one of the most common dispensing products in the world. It can also be seen used with a vast number of beauty and cosmetic products by adopting a simple micro-trigger sprayer to use a fine mist output. SR Packaging has recently added the fine mist trigger sprayer to its current product offering which also includes PET containers, plastic tubes, kilner jars, and many other packaging types for the beauty and cosmetic industries.

SR Packagings PET cylinder bottle, featuring overcap closure

SR Packaging's PET cylinder bottle, featuring overcap closure

SR Packaging is a Taiwanese firm that offers packaging solutions tor beauty and cosmetic companies worldwide. The firm's latest straight-lined container made of PET not only benefits those companies looking for a safe, compatible packaging solution for delicate skin care products, it also provides a sleek design that satisfies branding requirements. In order to complete its sleek look, SR Packaging sets an overcap on the pack that continues its straight-lined look from bottom of the bottle all the way to the top. It is indeed representative of the simplicity of modernized utility.

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