A fine mist trigger sprayer, now available from SR Packaging

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The trigger sprayer is a symbolic household cleaning packaging accessory and is currently one of the most common dispensing products in the world. It can also be seen used with a vast number of beauty and cosmetic products by adopting a simple micro-trigger sprayer to use a fine mist output. SR Packaging has recently added the fine mist trigger sprayer to its current product offering which also includes PET containers, plastic tubes, kilner jars, and many other packaging types for the beauty and cosmetic industries.

SRP's fine mist trigger sprayer offers a very intricate mechanism design which does not allow leakage. Having the product leak has always been a common complaint often heard from industry professionals. No matter the sort of product dispensed, contained products should not drip out before, after, or during use.

SR Packaging produces three different neck sizes of the fine mist trigger sprayer available in house: 20/410, 24/410, 28/410, with the output dosage ranging from 0.2cc to 0.3cc. All the triggers are made of highly compatible PP. With regard to the decoration of the fine mist trigger sprayer, SR Packaging offers full plastic colour reference cards for selection accompanied by special techniques including matte or gloss treatments.

The fine mist trigger sprayer is convenient and easy to use. The concept behind the design of the dispenser is to make it as easy and quick to use as possible, something that attracts a majority of consumers. Known applications for the triggers include fragrance products, make-up sprays, hair sprays, insect repellents, glass cleaners, kitchen cleaners, collar cleaning detergents, rubbing alcohol, and many more. 

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