SRP's water transfer decoration technique

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SR Packaging, one of Asia's premier packaging companies to offer a variety of enhanced packaging solutions with the most current decorating capabilities, has introduced a water transfer decoration technique to its repertoire of decoration options.

Water transfer can be used to completely coat the surface of the object in order to achieve a realistic looking texture. The result is impressive and can greatly improve the product's value as the technique can be used to create a variety of patterns including wood, camouflage, animal print, marbling, flowery patterns, geometric patterns and more.

Products made from ABS, PMMA and PET can be very easily decorated using the water transfer technique, and other products, including glass, metal, ceramics, PE and PP can also be decorated, with the transfer of a dedicated coating, giving the impression of a totally different surface.

SRP's water transfer decoration technique is fully customizeable with unlimited design possibilities and can be used to transform almost any cosmetic packaging material whether a bottle, jar, lid, cap, pump or sprayer, offering any personal care product line a unique look.

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