SRP presents its SHR line of arc top bottles

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The new SHR series features a simple and neat bottle design in PETG with a gentle arc to the top of the bottle, ranging from 50ml all the way up to 300ml. As a material, PET is light weight, highly transparent, glossy, and offers excellent impact resistance. Further, the material is non-toxic, offers fantastic barrier properties, and safe for all sorts of uses.

The full size is quite popular among personal care brands, especially those that offer shower gel, shampoo, travel items, and more. The SHR line can be paired with any number of closures also available from SRP, including screw caps, disc tops, flip tops, sprays, pumps, etc.

The bottles themselves can be fully transparent, translucent, or custom coloured to match any brand or line colour require. Special masterbatches can easily be produced. Decoration techniques applicable include screen printing, hot stamping, labelling, metallizing, gradient printing, and more.

Current sizes (full overflow volumes):

SH-R050 (56ml)
SH-R060 (66ml)
SH-R080 (86ml)
SH-R100 (108ml)
SH-R120 (128ml)
SH-R150 (158ml)
SH-R200 (213ml)
SH-R250 (263ml)

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