The tube that feels like paper

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The tactile dimension is a medium where SR Packaging has been busy of late, offering a number of decoration techniques to provide consumers with packaging that not only looks good, it also feels good. The warmth of paper and its appeal to the senses, for example, is something the firm has experimented with, and has released a new coating for tubes. The new concept is based on cutting edge printing technology such that a company can design a unique visual effect and feel.

By using special pattern matte technology, the product design is more rich and diverse and offers a new yet familiar sensation to shoppers. Underneath the special surface, the tubes are made of high quality PP, which withstands high temperatures, is resistant to corrosion and wear, and provides excellent compatibility with most products.

SRP currently offers diameters between 30mm and 60mm, which means tubes can be tailored to hold a number of volumes, from 30ml all the way up through 360ml. An ultra-flat option is available as well.

Apart from the paper coating technique, the tubes may also be decorated with any number of techniques, including screen printing, offset printing, flexo printing, labeling, or hot stamping.

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