SR Packaging releases its new SH-F line of standard bottles

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SR Packaging has released a new and attractive series of PET bottles designed for a number of uses. The rounded contours and simple shape of the SA-F series is well known to consumers and is associated with daily cleansing products such as shampoos and conditioners, or household cleaning items like kitchen dishwashing liquid.

PET plastic is a light weight and highly transparent material, and offers a number of benefits, such as a high gloss finish, impact resistance, a lack of toxicity and added taste, and barrier properties versus weak acids. The bottles can be produced in a number of styles, including transparent, translucent, or any custom colour, and special masterbatches can be produced. The bottles can be rendered unique through numerous decoration options like screen printing, hot stamping, labeling, electroplating, and gradients.

Applicable products include cleansers, fragrance sprays, lotions, moisturizing sprays, shower gels, hair products, makeup removers, dish soap, etc.

Current capacities include 88ml to 318ml.

The SH-F series be paired with a number of closures that are also available from SR Packaging, including disc tops, flipt tops, sprayers, pumps, and more.
The SH-F series:
SH-F080 (86ml)
SH-F120 (128ml)
SH-F150 (158ml)
SH-F200 (213ml)
SH-F250 (263ml)
SH-F300 (315ml)

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