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Beyond having a wide range of products from which to choose, SR Packaging offers some of the world's finest decoration facilities, providing companies with the means to take standard containers and make them genuinely unique.

The latest decoration technique offered by SRP is molded plastic texturing. Using a proprietary process developed at the firm's production facilities, plastic can be given any number of special textures, either to emulate natural materials like wood or leather or create completely new tactile sensations.

SRP’s technical engineering is advanced enough to offer fully precise details on component corners and angles. In fact, SRP can also create stereoscopic effects using simple 2D images to maximum effect.

Packaging items transcend the realm of the purely visual to engage the consumer on another level. Apart from offering a unique look, the packaging also provides a unique feel.
Leather can easily be emulated by tracing a number of random whorls of differing depths. No hard lines are used, just free-flowing curves of varying lengths.

A rugged and ergonomic feel is created when raised hexagons are used, each side of the shapes leading to a small raised surface. The facets not only create an interesting tactile sensation, they also reflect light and create shadows.

Thin bamboo weaving can also create an interesting effect. What appear to be rows and columns of thin reeding mesh together to offer an incomparable, organic looking style.

Long lines, shallow and deep pitting, and varying widths create a look similar to that of wood grain. By combining colours with this texture technique, different shades of wood, both natural and artificial, can be created.

Even impossible patterns that are whimsical and engaging can be created, thanks to SRP’s expertise in design and decoration. Instead of natural surfaces or textures, these are more geared toward creating visual illusions.

International brands are already taking advantage of SRP's new technology, offering their customers a whole new visual and tactile experience!

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