SRP introduces new labelling capabilities

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Labelling is a kind of adhesive paper or metal foil that is pasted directly onto a container. It can be applied to a variety of bottles, jars, tubes, and other products. It can make the design of a piece of product packaging eye-catching. It attracts attention on the shelf with visual effects, whether applied to beauty products, pharmaceuticals, or other sorts of products. Labels can be selected according to the choice of materials used in the packaging to make shiny or matte effects, colourful and refined designs, and patterns that play with the concept of space!

Surfaces with labels can also go through finishing and polishing treatments, raising patterns to make them three-dimensional!

Types of labelling offered:

  • Labels can be composed of paper, plastic film, aluminum foil, synthetic paper, and many other materials
  • There are all sorts of label options including with copper paper, moulded paper, mirror copper, frosted copper, fluorescent paper - you name it!
  • Metal is a popular labelling item, including types that use aluminum foil or aluminum sheets
  • Plastic labels may be made of PP, PE, PVC, and many more

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