SR Packaging dispensers now available with aluminum components

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SR Packaging is one of the few packaging suppliers that provides complete service covering a wide range of product types in Taiwan. The company continuously pushes its limit to improving current packaging design and to creating better user experience that both benefits brands and consumers.

One of its recent packaging developments is to add aluminum shell to be part of the dispensing pump or sprayer that results a glossy and shiny appearance for ordinary dispenser design.

The latest packaging trend for skincare product not only has to deliver a brand’s image of purity, cleanness, and safety, the packaging itself has to be a brilliant marketing tool to advertise itself. The only way to make it be seen is to enhance the packaging color or design.

By adopting the aluminum glossy shell for dispensing components, the packaging has one more option available for companies that are always looking for alternative solutions. Contact our sales team for a sample today.

  • Neck Type: 24/410
  • Output Volume: 0.18ml

Product ref. from left to right

  • Jet pump: SR24PP410JC-SH
  • Oil pump: SR24PP410OC-SH
  • Sprayer: SR24PP410SC-SH
  • Lotion pump: SR24PP410LC2-SH
  • Lotion pump: SR24PP410LC-SH

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