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The start, the progress, and the future of SR Packaging's sustainable plan

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SR Packaging was founded in 1989, the same year that The Langkawi Declaration on the Environment was issued, and people became increasingly aware of global warming, land degradation, marine pollution, species extinction, and other environmental concerns. Themes of “Sustainable development”, “Environmentally-friendly” and “Save the Earth” were everywhere as organizations and individuals made relentless efforts for change.

Gradually, governments got involved to take action and have passed legislation to ban the irresponsible abuse of plastic which had been severely damaging the planet for decades.

Today, SR Packaging is fully committed to sustainable plastic production by innovating in packaging design. It's not an overnight change, and the company's commitment is far from a marketing campaign. It's a responsibility behind profitable corporate growth, a real cost that is beyond calculation, that needs to be considered.

The action started in 2006 through collaborations with brands. The Body Shop was the first company to contact SR Packaging, looking for post-consumer recycled solutions. Since then, SR Packaging has initialized its long term plan to convert all of its plastics into those available with post-consumer recycled resin and adopt biodegradable materials as the next alternative. Following years of development, it is thanks to advanced technology that SR Packaging has achieved, what is believed to be a world-first, the creation of its PCR Airless Bottle.

In addition to resolving environmental problems of skincare and toiletry packaging, the team at SR Packaging has also noted the need to help makeup companies develop greener solutions for consumers. The team is working on creating and introducing packaging based on the recycled pulp for color cosmetic products such as eyeshadow compacts, lip gloss bottles, lipstick cases, and many products that incorporate complex packaging designs or heavily decorated components that are either difficult or unable to be recycled.

The processes and materials for packaging production evolve through time. SR Packaging's commitment is to continue innovating packaging design so that its sustainable actions offer the world a better future.

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