PCR Airless Tube

Over the years, SR Packaging has experienced numerous packaging trend changes and offered the most cost-effective solutions for skin care and toiletry brands. Despite the changeable fashion that requires restless effort to keep up with, there are a few things that remain the same and have always been at the core of SR Packaging’s development — sustainability and being environmental-friendly. 

With the launch of the PCR Airless Bottle, and as part of SR Packaging’s commitment to reducing plastic waste, the PCR Airless Tube is now available for companies to select. The perfect combination of an airless dispensing pump with a super oval, flat-shaped tube made of PCR PE, stands out from other options available on the market. 

Airless packaging is considered the best solution for delicate skincare formulations. With the airless component protection, it helps to prolong the product shelf life and maintain consistent product quality before dispensing. Consumers also benefit from the precise dispensing with each dosage of exactly 0.2 ml.

PCR Airless Tubes offer an elegant appearance with their soft lines, providing good storage and convenient portability. In combination with SR Packaging's airless pump, this new beauty pack is easy to slip in and out of a bag as well as being incredibly comfortable in the hand.

  • Reference: CHS7072
  • Neck size: 15/410
  • Dispensing dosage: 0.2 ml
  • Tube dia. 35 mm

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