An added soft-touch for SRP's Squeezable PCR PE Bottle

Soft-touch is a well-known surface spray coating treatment that can be added to plastic components in order to add an additional sensorial layer to stimulate the fingertips. However, this treatment adds a great number of costs to the entire project budget and extends the production process for a longer lead time. 

In order to offer a cost- and time-effective solution for a soft touch effect, SR Packaging has optimized the co-extrusion blow molding process, to add a thin soft-touch plastic layer on the surface of PE bottles to create its new squeezable PE bottle that benefits from a sensorial tactile feel, but doesn’t require the conventional spray coating process. 

To further SRP’s commitment to recycling plastic waste, the company has added post-consumer recycled resin into the new coex PE bottles. Thanks to the flexibility of LDPE plastic, the coex bottles are squeezable.

Available in 50ml and 100ml volumes, the COEX PCR PE bottle benefits a standard 24/410 neck size that matches with the wide range of SRP’s advanced dispensing solutions

  • Ref. CHS5038, 50ml PCR PE Bottle 
  • Ref. CHS5041, 100ml PCR PE Bottle 

Now, companies are able to opt for the new COEX PCR PE bottle with a soft-touch effect with competitive prices and shorter lead time. This solution helps brands to provide packaging with premium sensational feel in consumer’s hands and to contribute a corporate’s effort towards sustainable packaging. 

Upload branded artwork to customize the COEX PCR PE bottle.

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