How is packaging waste transformed into new packaging?

In Taiwan, recycling waste is part of the daily routine. Government policy ensures that any products that can be recycled, are recycled. Glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal cans, paper, household appliances and more, are all recycled so their material can be reused.

Through its applications of locally produced PCR plastic, Taiwanese skincare packaging company, SR Packaging, is helping to complete the circular economy.

In a span of 18 years, Taiwan's recycling rate has increased from 6% (5.87) to 53% (52.51), opening up many opportunities for local business to be part of the reprocessing operation in collection, sorting, cleaning, granulating, and testing to ensure that the PCR resin conforms to EuCertPlast and European RoHS requirements.

SR Packaging closes the chain by using the locally produced PCR plastic in its cosmetic packaging, which is then used by consumers not only in Taiwan, but around the globe.

The company has been a key part of the circular economy for plastic since 2006 and has since been championing the use of PCR plastic by incorporating it as a material option in myriad products offered in its catalogue of standard lines.

Leading in PCR technology and innovation, SR Packaging presented the world’s first PCR Airless collection in 2019 which has been greatly praised by prominent skincare brands. 

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