Cosme Tech Tokyo 2020 focus: Durable, clean, and easier liquid dispensing


Back Suction Pump for cleansing oil and makeup removal: With a precise dosage of 0.7 cc and 1 cc, the Back Suction Pump is built for liquid of low viscosity.

Super Fine Mist Sprayer for makeup mist spray, moisturizer, and hairstyling spray: The mist sprayer has a 0.25 mm screen for diffusing fine mist effectively. It serves well for formulated liquids and chemicals, and has 3 sizes available:

  • Neck size 18/410 of  0.15 cc dosage
  • Neck size 20/410 of 0.18 cc dosage
  • Neck size 24/410 of 0.18 cc dosage

0.2 cc Pump of External Spring for skincare and travel-sized set: The dispensing pump has an external spring with a plastic valve mechanism to replace the steel ball of conventional metal spring design that helps to prevent metal contact with the product. It has 4 sizes available:

  • Neck size 18/410 of  0.2 cc dosage
  • Neck size 20/410 of 0.2 cc dosage
  • Neck size 24/410 of 0.2 cc dosage
  • Neck size 24/410 of 1.0 cc dosage


Heavy-walled PET Bottle for professional skincare with high-concentration extract: SRP has 3 different series of thick-wall bottles. The capacity ranges from travel-friendly 40 ml, 60 ml, and 70 ml volumes to standards of 120 ml and 150 ml.


Gradient: With adjustable opacity and translucency, there are 3 principal levels of Gradient, Translucent Gradient, and Vac Met Gradient.

Soft Touch Methods: Soft Touch gives sensational feedback on the fingertips. SRP offers 3 methods for the plastic component to achieve this matte, tactile touch: Co-Extrusion Blow Molding, Spray Coating, and In-Mold Texturing.

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