Cosme Tech Tokyo 2020 focus: PET Packaging, Kilner Jar, and Thick-walled Jar


Kilner Jar of capacity from 150 ml to 500 ml: 

Contrary to traditional clicking, lock-up closures, SRP’s Kilner Jar features a screw closure of better-sealing, leak-proof cap.


Glass-like Heavy-wall PET Jar of capacity from 10 ml to 100 ml: 

The lightweight, thick-walled PET jar can also be made with post-consumer recycled resin up to 100%.


Double coat anodizing: 

The process includes 3 steps. 1st: initial anodizing treatment to get a gloss surface, 2nd: silkscreen printed with desirable patterns, 3rd: second time anodizing treatment. The result is a combination of gloss & matte patterns arranged according to the artwork, and color-matched for the branding requirements.

Brushed Metal: 

The fingerprint-free brushed metal component endures for a long time under continual usage and doesn't wear down. It is resistant to chemical exposure and oxidation and can be made in any customizable color.

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