Cosme Tech Tokyo 2020 focus: PE Tube, the Extruding Plastic tube of excellent gas barrier


Five-layered co-extrusion plastic tube ( PE-Adhesive-EVOH-Adhesive-PE )

EVOH is an excellent gas barrier and is also oil and solvent resistant. By co-extruding PE with EVOH, the 5-layer tube benefits from the low permeability to oxygen and is mostly used for sensitive cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to prevent deterioration by contact with air.

The production process of Co-extrusion plastic tube: 

Co-extrusion → Heading→ Decoration → Capping→ Quality Assurance


The production of plastic tube packaging is developed based on matured know-how and advanced equipment. As a result, companies benefit from a stable production rate and premium quality. Most companies opt for offset printing and silk screen printing for decoration. Both methods enable full surface decoration with high precision.

There are more printing techniques available for plastic tube:

  • Hot stamping  - Metal foil film reveals a strong color definition with the metallic glow.
  • Labeling - Vivid colored pattern is veiled with layered treatments for unlimited creative possibilities.
  • Flexo-printing - It allows companies to print poster-quality images directly onto the full surface of plastic tubes.

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