Cosme Tech Tokyo 2020 focus: Airless Pack for BABY Skincare - Eco Airless Bottle & Tottle


70% plastic reduced, Lower Ecological Impact, and Customizable Possibilities

SR Packaging has released Eco-Airless Bottle that miraculously manages to make airless packaging even better. The new concept can lower ecological impact by reducing plastic use up to 70%. EcoAirless bottles are not limited to cylindrical shapes - all sorts of irregular polygonal shapes can be achieved.

The bottles are equipped with two plastic layers: a tough and resistant exterior bottle and a highly compatible inner pouch. As the product is dispensed and pressure sets in, the inner pouch contracts and separate evenly from the exterior bottle wall. With SRP’s advanced dispensing pump solution, consumers are able to enjoy the experience of product dispensing at any angle, even upside-down.

  • 100% vacuum sealed
  • No preservatives required
  • Reliable and accurate dosage
  • Instant re-prime during repeated usage

With all the benefits, consumers have the means for the toxin-free product of natural formulas, gently care for the loved little ones. While cutting down 70% of plastic waste, companies offer safer and greener products for future generations.

Eco Airless Bottle V.S. Syringe Airless Bottle


Eco-Airless Bottle

Syringe Airless Bottle

Shape & Design

Irregular polygonal shape, not limited to cylindrical

Limited to cylindrical shape due to leakage concern.


Customizable from 15 ml to 200ml

Limited size range


Double-walled design: inner pouch 

with outer bottle

Multiple components: bottle-plug, bottle-piston, and bottle

Impact Resistance

Impact-resistant 2-layer structure sustains 1-meter drop test

High failure rate of drop test, results mechanism malfunction and  piston mechanism damage

Plastic Consumption

70% of plastic reduced 

Complex component structure consumes more plastic

Functional Mechanism

100% vacuum sealed inner pouch protects the product, and ensures less product residue

Piston movement with possible mechanism failure compromises product quality

Material Property

EVOH+PP inner pouch offers excellent chemical resistance and gas barrier

Protected by single-layered plastic of average packaging protection

Production Cost

Cuts down 30~50% cost contributed by the simplified process and less material used

Costly production that requires multiple component assembly and more material






Width / Diameter

Height with overcap



38.0 ml

75.3  mm

29.5  mm

102.38 mm



54.5 ml

83.0 mm

30.5 mm X 30.5 mm

111.28 mm



64.6 ml

94.7 mm

33.54 mm

123.02 mm



82.0 ml

89.9 mm

34.2 mm X 34.2 mm

118.18 mm


Boston round

77.5 ml

100.0 mm

35.5 mm

128.28 mm



75.6 ml

111.1 mm

33.1 mm

139.38 mm


Flat Eco Airless Tottle

35.0 ml

92.8 mm

36.9 X 20.8 mm

117.8 mm


Refillable Airless Bottle

100 ml

109 mm

47 mm

Twist-open Dispensing Pump doesn’t require overcap for coverage


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