Cosme Tech Tokyo 2020 focus: Resource Optimization, Post-Consumer Recycled

Process of Post-consumer Recycled

  • Collecting & Sorting: Waste is gathered in separate collections of paper, metal, glass, plastic, and others.
  • Manual Sorting: Plastics are sorted manually as PET water bottles, PET juice bottles, PE milk bottles, and PE yogurt containers.
  • Cleaning & Shredding: Plastic is shredded into flakes.
  • Density Sorting: Shredded flakes in the water stream are sorted to exclude other objects by density differentiation.
  • Washing: Plastic flakes are cleaned.
  • Granulation: Clean plastic flakes are melted, extruded and granulated, producing PCR resin.

How is packaging waste transformed into new packaging?


PCR Sample Box

Compare PCR Packaging options with SR Packaging's Sample Box for review and evaluation purposes: 

  • PP Cap
  • White PE Tube
  • Transparent PE Tube
  • Clear PET Bottle

PCR Airless Tube

Replace virgin PE resin with PCR PE resin during the co-extrusion process of manufacturing 5-layer tube (PE-adhesive-EVOH-adhesive-PE), then assemble with airless pump for precise dosage of 0.5 ml for each usage. 

Living Sustainable is how things work in SR Packaging:

Since 2006, “Living Sustainable” has always been part of SRP’s code of corporate operation. Working together with major brands in Europe and the United States that share the same belief in the circular economy, SR Packaging provides PCR packaging solutions for all sorts of product needs. With its years of experience in optimizing locally recycled plastic resources, SRP makes sure the PCR resin qualifies EuCertPlast and RoHS standards, offers packaging components globally, and gives opportunities to all consumers in contributing to the circular economy.

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