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Look forward to a new year, SRP’s 2020 packaging plan

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It’s nearly the end of 2019, while people are away for the holidays in most countries, SR Packaging is celebrating its fruitful achievement and getting ready for 2020. The team has completed its 2019 green packaging development and plans to launch more solutions when 2020 comes. 

The most iconic launch in 2019 was the ECO Airless Bottle, and its circular-economy twin - PCR Airless Bottle, which is also known as the world’s first airless pack made of post-consumer recycled resin. Thanks to this successful launch, 2019 is now SRP’s new milestone for its PCR packaging development. The team can’t wait for the new year as there are already several products on the release list.

The 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, will still be the core of SRP’s development. The company will offer more packaging options that are refillable, easier for dispensing and made of PCR. SR Packaging will continue to use less plastic, optimize locally recycled resources, and innovate its technology for better production efficiency.

Please save these dates for 2020's key events to meet SRP’s team and find out the latest offerings.

On January 21st to 22nd, Cosme Tech Tokyo

On February 11th to 12th, Luxe Pack Los Angeles

On May 6th to 7th, Luxe Pack New York

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