PCR Airless Bottle is the most time-saving and affordable solution

The latest PCR Airless Bottles solution enables Brands to claim sustainability instantly and effortlessly. Without changing the authentication of the packaging, simply by replacing the syringe-type inner bottle of a traditional airless packaging with SRP's latest PCR airless bottle, Brands can claim up to 70% use of Post Consumer Recycled material. SRP carries a wide range of stock bottles in different sizes. No tooling is needed. SRP provides samples in 1 week, and production delivery lead-time in 6 weeks. 

Applying PCR Airless Bottle to a current product line is the swift and cost-effective transformation to help brands stand in line with sustainable schemes. It can also be promoted as Refillable Product that works perfectly well for counter sales. 

PCR Airless Bottle ensures a vacuum-sealed environment to protect preservative-free formulae. While enjoying a natural-based product, consumers also experience the ease-of-use refillable packaging design that costs less and contributes to one’s effort in standing against plastic pollution. 

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AMARI, the streamline, refillable PCR Airless Bottle for gender-neutral skincare solutions

The updated version of PCR Airless Bottle, AMARI, is one of a kind, minimalist packaging design. It is built for gender-neutral skincare solutions as the beauty trend had slowly shifted beyond gender differentiation. More and more companies are providing personal care solutions both for men and women based on specific skin conditions. As of today for many, improving self-esteem by using beauty products is no longer a privilege but a daily routine.

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