Less product residue, toxin-free formulae, and 70% plastic reduction are the benefits brought by 160 ml Eco Airless Bottle.

Eco Airless Bottles are equipped with two plastic layers: a tough and resistant exterior layer and a highly compatible inner pouch. As the product is dispensed and pressure sets in, these inner pouch contracts and separate evenly from the exterior bottle wall. With SRP’s 1 cc airless dispensing pump, consumers are able to enjoy the experience of product dispensing at any angle, even upside-down.

It is now available with 160 ml capacity. Ref. CHS7081B and advances in many ways : 

  • Less product residue: consumer benefits from full usage of purchase.

Compared to a single-layered PET bottle with a dip tube dispensing pump, the Eco Airless Bottle with an airless pump leaves fewer products on the bottom. 

  • Toxin-free formulae: no preservatives required

Eco Airless bottles are 100% vacuum-sealed with its highly compatible PE+EVOH inner pouch to block pollutive and protect preservative-free formulae.

  • 70% plastic reduced,

It is a greener airless pack that lowers Ecological Impact by reducing 70% plastic used for the component production compared to a conventional syringe-type airless bottle.

Implementing a loop economy model, the Eco Airless Bottle can be made with post-consumer recycled resin, makes it the world's first PCR Airless Bottle, and helps brands to contribute to sustainable action. 

As part of the Eco Airless Bottle series, exterior layer: PE / inner pouch: PE+EVOH

As part of the PCR Airless Bottle series, exterior layer: PCR PE (post-consumer recycled resin added) / inner pouch: PE+EVOH

 CHS7081B Spec.




H. (bottle)

H. (overall)

Neck size

1 cc airless pump

180 ml

50.5 mm

125 mm

164.2 mm


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