Airless Shuttle is the PCR refillable packaging for a personalized beauty experience

Skincare treatments or makeup arrangements involve numerous products, all with different purposes, usually packed separately in various packaging styles, and it can be difficult for users to manage, particularly when preparing for travel.

To solve the issue, SR Packaging has optimized the single-purpose PCR Airless Bottle to create the latest all-in-one Airless Shuttle. It is a refillable solution that helps users to easily organize their personal care items used each day.

Airless Shuttle has three recyclable airless cartridges fixed within a reusable dispensing system. This innovation by SR Packaging provides consumers with a personalized user experience for their products. Furthermore, when products run out, the cartridge can be refilled.

The PCR Airless Bottle is comprised of 70% post-consumer recycled resin (PCR PE) and is an airless bag-in-bottle design that reduces 70% of plastic when compared to a syringe-type airless bottle. Its 100% vacuum-sealed EVOH+PP inner pouch is highly compatible with any skincare or SPF formulae. It is also known to offer excellent protection for preservative-free products. 

When combined with SRP’s exclusive airless pump that offers a precise dosage of 0.2 ml, users can dispense products with ease, even upside-down.

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