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SR Packaging's effective response to COVID19

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For many businesses around the globe, the COVID19 pandemic has caused havoc and chaos. For SR Packaging, the virus has highlighted the company's ability to adapt quickly with responsive management to the daily-changing situation and proactively respond to customer needs.

How has SRP responded so quickly to this critical global situation?

Understanding the actual needs of your market is one of the most integral factors for good business. It was clear that when COVID19 started taking hold and lockdowns started to be implemented, that what the world needed would be hygiene products. As a well-established manufacturer of cosmetic and personal care packaging, SRP already had the means to help.

The World Health Organization confirmed that personal hygiene was pivotal to prevent the spread of the virus, and it was clear that plastic bottles would be key. Liquid soap and hand sanitizing formulations are both ideally suited to plastic bottles, and SRPs products have already been proven to be perfectly compatible for these liquids.

How has SRP managed to do this?

To ensure that SRPs hygiene bottles would be available, new production lines were opened up especially to work on the manufacture of certain bottles.

Alongside production, the company increased its digital communications to brands and packaging buyers so that the most up-to-date information would be available regarding the products available in stock for immediate delivery. This has ensured that clear, concise and current information has been available for customers to access directly. Packaging buyers that wish to see the latest details can view everything day by day in our calendar delivery updates.

Production safety protocol is already very high in order to meet international safety requirements for packaging, so the safety of staff and the company's output required little to no changes, particularly as SRP has the latest technology in place in its manufacturing floors. And, customer projects that were already in production continued without disruption.

The stock packaging has been sent around the world and our distribution center in New Jersey, USA has an immense stock of products for use with liquid soap and hand sanitizer that's available for immediate distribution across the Americas.

How does SRP stay ahead of its competition?

Every new concept we produce is a challenge. We try to match our new product development process with what we know of our customers' requirements as well as observe real market trends. At the same time, we want to surprise the market with original concepts simply not found elsewhere, so we have to balance what customers want and what they don't yet know they want. That's how our business grows.

We work pro-actively with clients in order to foster positive interactions and drive successful projects and launches. We can take on as much or as little as a company requires.

The packaging sector is very competitive, and everyone is willing to offer a brand new look, whether achieved through shape, decoration, or material. The potential is unlimited and it's not even limited to price any more. Current market needs drive big changes and require constant evolution and improvement. Today's consumers are less loyal to specific brands than consumers of yesteryear, so brands are in constant need of novelty and creativity to reach their target markets.

Markets change quickly, and it's often a challenge to meet the ever-increasingly shorter lead times. Fortunately, SR Packaging's team thrives on challenges.

One of the things that makes SRP unique is its commitment to technology - the company is always looking for new ways to improve equipment and capitalize on the latest techniques. This is an important cornerstone for the company to stay two steps ahead of the industry as it makes the team more aggressive when it comes to pursuing new design concepts and making technological breakthroughs.

Over the years SR Packaging has been responsible for introducing both new decoration techniques to packaging as well as world-first products - for example the PCR Airless bottle which has now been presented as a refillable option too.

What does SRP see in the future of packaging?

The current situation around the globe has highlighted the important role that plastic has to play in society. Single-use plastic is essential in a number of circumstances, particular for the benefit of hygiene. However, it cannot be ignored that there was a major consumer movement against the use of plastic prior to this.

The culmination of both of these events will see more packaging manufacturers find creative ways to use plastic and there will be a lot more requirement for products that incorporate new plastics such as bio-based plastic or PCR resins which allow plastic to be given a second 'life' as a brand new product.

Alongside the movement within the beauty industry for natural, preservative-free formulations, airless packaging options will be become ever more prevalent and cross into new markets.

Technological advancements will open up new opportunities and SR Packaging will be at the forefront to embrace the new advantages that they bring.

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