TOTTLE, the slim shaped 30 ml Eco Airless Bottle

Conventional airless bottles came in circular shape contributed by the syringe-type mechanism design. With the new bag-in-bottle airless system, SR Packaging offers a distinguishable Eco Airless Bottle series, each with a unique identity to serve natural and green skincare brands. One among the selection is the TOTTLE,  a slim-shaped 30 ml Eco Airless Bottle and stands upside down.


The slim styled TOTTLE has a large, nearly flattened front and back surface for vast printing possibilities, a canvas that brand designers value. It also benefits users to have a secure grip while experiencing reliable product dispensing.


There are two material options available: 

Eco Airless Tottle is made of PE and EVOH+PP (inner pouch)

PCR Airless Tottle is made of PCR PE and EVOH+PP (inner pouch).


Ref. AOB-030, view specs and customize ECO AIRLESS TOTTLE


30 ml


35 ml


120 mm


20.8 mm


36.9 mm


9 g


0.2 cc


SR Packaging has built a complete line of Eco Airless Bottle, PCR Airless Bottle, and refillable solutions. Click to view more options. The benefits are: 

Less product residue

Toxin-free formulae

70% plastic reduction

Made with post-consumer recycled resin (PCR Airless Bottle)


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