ECO Airless Bottle stylized with diamond cuts

DIAMOND, the 50 ml ECO AIRLESS BOTTLE, reference APA-050, is stylized with diamond cuts. The striking look of the bottle adds characters to a product and leaves ample space for branding designs. It is highly praised by skincare brands as it satisfies the latest trends of natural claims and green actions for vast beauty needs. 

Natural claims

Most natural skin care products are delicately formulated, either with organic raw materials or without preservatives, additives. Products with natural claims do require ECO AIRLESS BOTTLE for optimal protection.  View the video to see how it works

Green actions

Consumers today pay more attention to environmental issues, and companies are catching up. 3R rules (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) are to be followed for packaging design. Instead of a syringe-type airless bottle, ECO AIRLESS BOTTLE is a bag-in-bottle airless design that reduces 70% use of plastic. It contains PCR material that contributes to the loop economy, keeping plastic in the business cycle instead of the landfill.

The benefits of opting ECO AIRLESS BOTTLE are: 

  • Less product residue
  • Toxin-free formulae
  • 70% plastic reduction
  • Made with post-consumer recycled resin (PCR Airless Bottle)

There are two material options available: 

Eco Airless Bottle is made of PE and EVOH+PP (inner pouch)

PCR Airless Bottle is made of PCR PE and EVOH+PP (inner pouch)

SR Packaging has built a complete line of Eco Airless Bottle, PCR Airless Bottle, and refillable solutions. Click to view more options. 

APA-050 specs 


50 ml


54.5 ml


111.2 mm


30.5 mm




11 g

Neck size

20 mm


0.2 cc

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