The expressive roundness, 75 ml Eco Airless Bottle, AMPLE

To extend the variation of ECO AIRLESS BOTTLE design, SR Packaging continues the development and introduces AMPLE, of 75 ml capacity to satisfy green, natural, and beauty needs. 

Among the cylindrical-shaped ECO AIRLESS BOTTLE selection, AMPLE suggests a beautiful existence of expressive roundness with its amplified capacity. The softened silhouette makes AMPLE an exceptional seductress to extract consumers’ attention. 

AMPLE does more than just looking pretty, it is an ecological-friendly big-in-bottle airless system that is in contrast to traditional syringe-type airless bottles. 

The benefits of opting the big-in-bottle system,  ECO AIRLESS BOTTLE, are: 

  • Less product residue
  • Toxin-free formulae
  • 70% plastic reduction
  • Made with post-consumer recycled resin (PCR Airless Bottle)

There are two material options available: 

  • Eco Airless Bottle is made of PE and EVOH+PP (inner pouch)
  • PCR Airless Bottle is made of PCR PE and EVOH+PP (inner pouch)

AMPLE, ACB-075 specs 


75 ml


77.5 ml


128.3 mm




13.5 g

Neck size

20 mm


0.2 cc

SR Packaging has built a complete line of Eco Airless Bottle, PCR Airless Bottle, and refillable solutions. Click to view more options. 

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