Perfect tone skin care Airless Shuttle 4s

Airless Shuttle is a set of personalized skincare products organized in a package. It is known as a 3-step skincare solution, and now with one more cartridge, the Airless Shuttle 4s is the perfect clean beauty set ready for the next successful launch.

Airless Shuttle 4s pdf file

Airless Shuttle 4s can be one delivery of 4 skincare items, one personalized scheme of 4 step treatments, or the makeup pro kit of lotion, base primer, SPF foundation, and perfecting concealer.

There are 4 Airless cartridges assembled within one reusable case that makes a customizable set for consumers to mix and match their own personalized clean beauty solutions.

ECO Airless Inherits all the airless benefits. It reduces 70% of plastic usage with diversified design possibilities, offers protection for natural, organic ingredients, blocks excessive air exposure, and extends 15% of shelf life.

Skincare has numerous formats. In the era of sustainability awareness, clean and green elements that create mutual benefits for both consumers and brands transform skincare into an even broader discussion. Providing a Clean, Simple, and Sustainable product is the key to a successful project.

Helping consumers to have a complete line of products without jamming cabinet space is the goal of the Airless Shuttle application. With four Airless cartridges added to the packaging design, the Airless Shuttle 4s is ready to take the beauty shelves to impress consumers.

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