Recycle plastic waste. Recreate the classics. Refillable PCR Airless.

The Refillable PCR Airless cartridges fit in classic designs for clean beauty skincare brands to move on to sustainable solutions without changing the look of the products.

Plastics make a good, durable, safe, impact-resistant, chemical-compatible barrier to protect food, drinks, and almost every daily necessity. 

Plastics are crucial for construction, piping, electronic appliances, automobiles, medical devices, unlimited industrial equipment, and modern inventions that are supposed to last long.

Lightweight durability makes plastics the optimal material. However, after decades of waste mismanagement, plastics stay in the environment and water, jeopardizing all lives.

Pushed by the voices of consumers, governments legislate to enforce the use of recycled plastics. 

Recycling plastic shines a light on the road to a sustainable future.

Make the best out of plastics. 

SR Packaging makes sure all the packaging offerings are available with recycled plastic options and takes one step further to help brands convert from airless to PCR Airless. These three PCR Airless cartridges (ACE-015B, ACE-030B, and ACE-050B) fit in the classic designs that hold the conventional syringe-type airless bottle.

PCR Airless meets Clean Beauty

PCR Airless is SR Packaging's patented airless design, with a thin layer of film forming the 100% vacuum-sealed pouch (thickness 0.12 mm ~ 0.16 mm) inside a rigid plastic wall.

PCR Airless inherits the known benefits of conventional syringe-type airless bottles but uses plastic 70% less, a perfect fit for organic, natural ingredients, preservative-free formulations, and the latest clean beauty lines.

Refillable PCR Airless cartridges for classic designs

The curvy cylindrical (ACG series), the straight-lined cylindrical (ACH series), and the square style (ASB series)  are familiar, popular, classic designs for skincare brands that focus on organic and natural ingredients. Now with the PCR Airless cartridges, these companies can move on to sustainable PCR Airless solutions without changing the look of the products.

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