"Just for YOU". Le DUO, PCR Airless 2-in-1

Le DUO is for those brands that have positioned themselves with a unique identity to offer a “Just for YOU beauty kit” and take the lead in the growing ultra-personalized beauty market.

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When opting for le DUO to present two essentials in a single package for an individual, brands provide an instant tailored service that makes consumers feel special, helps consumers clear the clutter in their daily care cabinet, and increases the chance of repurchase.

Two essentials in one package for a unique, simplified beauty routine

With two PCR Airless cartridges in one, le DUO plays a perfect role in easier decision-making, tailored to the minimalist lifestyle.

Amplify hoped-for results with bespoke treatments.

Nothing is more luxurious than a customized product, and ultra-personalized beauty is making its way to the consumer's wish list.

Multi-cartridge PCR Airless

The two PCR Airless cartridges inside le DUO are SR Packaging's exclusive patent that uses 70% plastic less than conventional syringe-type airless bottles. Each chemical-compatible cartridge works well across viscosity variations, whether a lightweight toner or a thick balm.

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