EBM Airless Bottles

From 30 ml to 250 ml, SR Packaging's EBM Airless Bottles guarantee product quality without preservatives or additives, an opportunity to transform commodities into organic, clean beauty.

The conventional syringe-type airless bottle has multiple parts that require assembling and is costly, narrowing business possibility to solely prestige concentration or serum booster.

But now, the extrusion blow molded EBM Airless Bottles are lighter, more reliable, and require no assembling. The cost-competitive design uses plastic 70% less than the syringe type. It broadens the applications from skincare to toiletries.

With capacities available from 30 ml to 250 ml with a choice of a pump or spray dispenser, EBM Airless Bottles are ideal for so many beauty lines.

The pumps are for all viscosity formulations. Click to view the detailed spec.

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